Nautical Dawn | Miri Castor

Nautical Dawn

Miri Castor

The Gift of Twilight allows one to circumvent the forces that make the world what it is. A power as great as this will not stay with me forever, eventually I will perish and this Gift will be passed down to my descendants. I wish for many grandchildren, I can sense that my children will have many and that they will have many… I digress, this journal serves as a tool for my grandchildren and descendants. I can only hope that you will accept this Gift when you are presented with your truth, and live in this new world of Earth in peace. Our power is not a curse, but it is great. Great power can draw attention to those on the other side.

Opal Charm yawned as she slumped back on the sturdy couch. Shifting positions did nothing, the couch might as well have been a boulder. Ignoring the uncomfortable seat, Opal spoke her thoughts aloud, “The other side? He means this world.”

On the insistence of her “friend,” Adaeze Durgakama, Opal decided to venture to Athre today. Nothing was happening in her small home on Earth as far as she knew; she didn’t have that much homework, and her parents would be coming home late. Her older sister, Sarah Charm, didn’t care where Opal went after school and Opal wouldn’t have it any other way.

She groaned as she tried to adjust herself snugly. She went back to reading the dinky book Addy told her to study, skipping a few pages with useless knowledge on Athre. She propped the book on her knees as her head reached the armrest; there was something peculiar about the handwriting and writing style on the sixth page.

Beatrix Charm. Grandfather kept telling me to add more pages to his book. His Twilight book for future Charms. He said I failed to see the understanding of it—his dying wish was for me to contribute, so…my Gift is time-

“Oooh, yes!” exclaimed Opal, sitting up in a jolt as she recognized her own Gift. She continued to read.

My Gift is time. I’ve grown up with it. I used it when I was younger. Wasn’t sure what I was doing. Grandfather told that I had a dangerous Gift, that I could harm people and myself. I’ve

Opal squinted at the yellowed page, trying to make out the inky words scribbled out by the author. She sucked her teeth as she turned the next page; as she attempted to read the illegible lines, she heard creaking by the rickety staircase. She looked up to see Adaeze, the deep sienna-skinned leader of Justice Allegiance for Every Lusan, staring at Opal curiously. Even after a few months of knowing her, Opal wasn’t sure whether to be formal or casual. “H-hi Adaeze,” greeted Opal nervously.

“Hello Opal,” replied Adaeze with a faint smile. “Am I disturbing you?”


“Good.” Adaeze’s dark auburn eyes went to Opal’s head. Opal was never sure how the Athrenian felt about her, there was a lot she didn’t know about Adaeze. She used to think it was because she wasn’t a human, but it didn’t make sense—Athrenians acted pretty similar to humans. She always had that enigmatic air around her, ever since she recruited Opal into JAEL.

Wow, was it only a year ago? 


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