Review: Starchaser

Author: Tonya R. Moore
Genre: Science Fiction
Pub. Date: January 1, 2016

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Synopsis: Laila sets out across the galaxies alone, in search of the ultimate trump card to help her to wrest control of the leviathan ship, Hegira from those who would seek to steal her ancient birthright. Laila’s pride and passion war with love, fear and her inferiority complex caused by her luminous rival and soul twin, Sumida.

Tonya R. Moore's Starchaser was a fast and wild ride through a galaxy full of dangers.

Starchaser is story 2 in the Hegira Series. Hegira is a leviathan ship, home to thousands of sapient alien races. The ship of legend left behind by a nearly extinct race of beings called Starchasers is a powerhouse barreling across galaxies effortlessly. There are many who seek to take control of this rare jewel but to control this ship, one must control her pilot.

Ms. Moore conjures up dangers and beasts with a remarkable attention to detail that had me picturing the different space creatures in her story and shuddering in disgust at some, I hate fangs that ooze, LOL. I definitely can't wait to read more in the series. However, one of her greatest strengths was also a weakness and why I gave it a 4/5. She describes so many of the different residents that I wish I had more time to learn about them because the descriptions were all so interesting. I wish this was a longer work, so that I could have learned more about the different species.


Author Bio: Tonya R. Moore writes science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories, and novellas. She loves anime, manga and all things spec-fic. She is the author of the urban fantasy web serial, Firecracker, which is updated monthly.

To learn more about Tonya R. Moore, please visit her website or Twitter.

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